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You've heard of this place, but can't imagine that it's real

Discover BE-2020


We believe in sexy, slow fashion and especially amid the Covid-19 crisis we want to create positive change with socially and environmentally sustainable swimwear.
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"I absolutely love Bikini Empire on every level!  From the exceptional fabric that is so soft and durable to the most flattering cuts on the booty!  Most importantly I love the vision of empowering women through fashion and showing us how looking good can still be sustainable!  I am a fan for life:)"


"I love how bikini empire embraces body positivity; lifts women up and encourages them to love and accept their bodies just as they are."


"I treasure my vast collection of Bikini Empire swim suits - I have pretty much every color and design. I love the original designs, the strikingly unusual color combinations and just how good the suits make me look. As someone in her 60's, I have received a lot of compliments on my BE suits and many queries about their origins."


"I truly admire Bikini Empire’s mission, your use of ocean-friendly materials to design beautiful and practical swimwear, and that you are a fellow Canadian company!"


"My Bikini Empire pieces, of which I have many - are the highest quality! The colours are saturated, the fabric is soft yet sturdy, and the styles are always unique. I love!"


These suits are so soft. The fabric is exquisite. Very well made. The styling is fresh and original. I have three suits that I’ve bought over the years and they’ve held their shape and stood up to the test of time -sea water, salt air and sunshine. Love love love


I absolutely love these bikinis! I’ve been wearing them for so many years and I’ve become sort of a collector of them! They never go out of style and always fit and look incredible!! I love supporting local fashion, and an inspiring female brand!


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