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Kelsey and Monica Rush Bikini Empire

Bikini Empire is a collaboration between twin sisters, Kelsey and Monica Rush. In 2014 Kelsey had the idea to start a swimwear company after being frustrated by the lack of sustainably made, stylish bikinis that were available. They began working on all aspects of the business together, from the designs, to the photoshoot concepts, and running their online store.

Monica lives in the Dominican Republic with her partner and her two children. When she’s not working on Bikini Empire, or at her marketing agency, she can be found cruising the waves at the local surf breaks and playing with her toddlers.

Kelsey splits her time between Vancouver Island and Gabriola Island where she lives with her son and partner in an off the grid cob house that they designed and built. She has been involved in the Canadian cannabis industry for the past 8 years, as well as running an online vintage store, and Bikini Empire from her home. Kelsey is a talented artist, and enjoys painting and surfing in her free time. 

Both Kelsey and Monica have a passion for fashion and see it as a solution to many of life’s challenges. They love producing and collaborating on photoshoots and perfecting swimwear designs for the next collection drop. They work on all aspects of the business together, and are proud to be able to offer sustainably and ethically made swimwear that is luxurious, timeless, and sexy.

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