Made in Canada


We are a part of the growing ethical fashion movement that believes in:


 Treating Others as you Would Like to be Treated

This one we learned about when we were in kindergarten, there's no reason why as adults we shouldn't play by the same rules.

 Paying Fair Wages

Our workers are paid up to 50 times more than our competitors. Bikini Empire produces our entire collection in Vancouver, Canada. We produce at a factory that pays good, living wages to full-time workers. The average garment worker in Bangladesh earns only $600 a year with no benefits. We believe that our talented seamstresses are paramount to our product, and we pay them accordingly. We make regular, unscheduled drop-ins to the factory, so we feel confident that the working conditions are up to our standards. 

  Keeping it Close to Home

There is significantly more overhead and capital investment involved with producing in Canada, so why do we do this? We believe that by not outsourcing production overseas, we retain more creative control and know exactly where our business dollars are going. We feel good knowing that we are directly responsible for pumping thousands of dollars into the local economy, supporting Canadian workers and businesses with strong ethical and environmental back bones. We employ people that share our vision and who we are proud to say are an integral part of Bikini Empire.

  Supporting the Local Economy

We do not rely on cheap sweatshop labour as the base of our business model. The apparel industry’s reliance on unskilled cheap labour cannot be sustained long term, fiscally, environmentally, or ethically. Instead, here at Bikini Empire we rely on great design and fabric that is transformed by well trained workers into a beautiful, long lasting bikini. You can rest easy knowing the extra dollars that you spend on made in Canada Bikini Empire swimwear ensures that every person involved in the process is treated fairly, and paid well. Buying ethical fashion means good shopping karma- no garment workers had to lose their lives to bring you a BE bikini, which is more than can be said for most big box stores.