Eco Luxe

Bikini Empire Eco luxe fabric

At Bikini Empire we believe in sourcing all our materials from ethical sources. Right down to our zippers and elastic, we make sure that we know where our materials are coming from. With this in mind, we use only the most amazing, soft, high quality fabric. 

Our Eco Luxe fabric is part of Bikini Empire's iconic look - a buttery soft feel that hugs your curves in a flawless way. There is no faking quality, we went straight to Italy to find the highest quality fabric. Made in a factory that is solar powered, our fabric is as conscious as they come. Since 2008, the factory has used electricity certified by the European Energy Certificate System (EECS) and produced only from renewable sources. 

Not only are we hugely lowering our footprint by using only fabric that was produced with green energy, our fabric provider also supports the WWF by helping to preserve areas around the world for wildlife habitat. Now there isn't many things we love more than helping animals, so we're pretty happy about that.