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Always Sustainable


Sustainable and Eco Swimwear



Bikini Empire and Social and Environmental Sustainability

A growing awareness about the impacts of fast fashion, and the textile industry has led many consumers to be more interested in how their garments are made. We believe strongly in creating swimwear that is in line with our environmental and social values. We have chosen to manufacture our swimwear in Bali with a fantastic company, due to their dedication to fair business practices, high wages, outstanding working conditions, and environmental sustainability. 10 cents from every bikini is donated to ROLE foundation. "ROLE Foundation runs a zero waste facility and environmental development programs in Bali. Their vision supports zero waste to oceans, sustainable businesses for coastal communities, and women’s business education and development."

Bikini Empire sustainable eco swimwear


Manufacturing overseas requires an extra level of diligence to ensure that the conditions that workers experience are in line with our ethical and moral obligations. We have ensured that all staff are paid above award wages at up to three times the local standard. Workers negotiate their own contracts and salaries, and everyone is provided with comprehensive health insurance for themselves and their family. They are paid an extra month salary yearly, and there is no overtime beyond 40 hours a week. We truly believe that we have made the best choice available to us, and are proud to be partnered with such a fantastic manufacturing company. 


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