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What to Pack on a Tropical Holiday

What to Pack on a Tropical Holiday If you're lucky enough to be jet setting this winter to somewhere warm and sunny where the coconuts grow wild, you'll need to...

What to Pack on a Tropical Holiday

what to pack on a tropical holiday bikini empire
If you're lucky enough to be jet setting this winter to somewhere warm and sunny where the coconuts grow wild, you'll need to make sure you have the proper attire. The tropics are no place for bermuda khaki city shorts and towering heels. Comfort is key, as is multi-purpose items that you can wear to the beach, out at night, and while you travel. If you're flying from somewhere cold, it can be challenging to remember exactly what it feels like to exist in 100% humidity and plus 30 degree weather. Don't worry. We've got your back.

Railroad Top Bikini Empire Travel Bikini
1) BE Railroad Top
A true show stopper. Anyone who owns a railroad tops knows that they can't go ANYWHERE without people asking where they bought that fabulous top. They look hella cute on the beach, but they are also the best tropical weather bra substitute. Who wants underwire and padding in the heat? A Railroad Top doubles as a cute bralette, and looks fantastic under low cut shirts, and low backed dresses. 

Vitamin C Serum
2) Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin C serum helps reverse AND prevent sun damage. A necessary if you plan on spending your time frolicking in the waves and enjoying the beach (and who doesn't??). We like Taiao Vitamin C serum because it's all natural, made in the USA and is GMO free. 

Heidi the artist art printed leggings
3) Surf leggings
We've recently fallen in love with these multi-purpose art print leggings from Whistler based designer Heidi the Artist. All of her products are made in Vancouver (like us!) and we adore supporting other female designers who are committed to ethical production. If surf leggings seem like a bit of an odd idea, then you've probably never burnt the milky backs of your legs surfing, and not been able to sit on the toilet (or anything for that matter!) without experiencing excruciating pain. Coming from the great white north and having the skin tone of casper the ghost means taking extra precautions. These leggings are the perfect item to wear while travelling (soft, stretchy, booty enhancing) and you can cover your ghostly legs during mid-day surfs and avoid the dreaded lobster leg syndrome.

4) Coconut Oil
Eat it, smear it on your body, put it in your hair, cook with it. There's nothing coconut oil can't do, so make sure you take a jar with you! Despite the tropics being home to real coconut palm trees, most of the oil is exported and it can be difficult to find extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. 

Kutula Kiss Medallion Necklace
5) The Perfect Pendant
Taking a lot of jewelry while you travel isn't a good idea. Necklaces get tangled, and you don't want to come across as too blingin'. One simple pendant necklace that looks good with everything is all you need. We adore the Adore Medallions from Kutula Kiss. They look like badass (but feminine) Game of Thrones-esque necklaces. Perfection!

Jessica Luxe Bikini Empire
6) High Waisted Monroe Shorts
High waisted shorts look fantastic on the beach, and also in a beach bar with a cute little cami tucked in. If you want a little more coverage, high waisted bottoms are classy, retro and adorable. We also LOVE them with low slung jean shorts and a cropped top, just like mademoiselle Jessica Luxe is rockin' here. Take style lessons ladies. 

If the holidays are gettin' you down a bit, we understand. Being force fed shortbread, rum and eggnogs and sleeping in can get exhuasting. Take a little virtual holiday by checking out our fabulous Christmas sale, which includes 30% off on select items, and free shipping worldwide!
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