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Top 5 All Girls Vacation Destinations

If you’re looking for a new jet setting destination to hit with you and your besties, we have compiled a list our our top top five locales to travel to...

Top 5 All Girls Vacation Destinations

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If you’re looking for a new jet setting destination to hit with you and your besties, we have compiled a list our our top top five locales to travel to for an all girls vacation. Barefoot fashionistas unite - this is all about what girls LOVE!


2017 was an amazing year at Bikini Empire, and we were able to personally sample a few of these spots on the list. The others are firmly planted on our 2018 bucket list of the top places for an all girls vacation. Because, well – isn’t it just more fun when you’re with your girls!?


So what makes a perfect all girls vacation spot?

 ethical swimwear bikini empire best travel destinations

To pass our test, the destination has to be:

  • Bikini Worthy: a fabulous travel destination to flaunt our buttery soft ethical bathing suits all the time.
  • Stunning: super beautiful, eye catching, and worthy for the countless IG posts to follow.
  • Easy to Get Arount: ain’t nobody got time for struggling on a vacay!
  • Nightlife: it’s no secret that girls LOVE to dance!
  • A Foody Paradise: The spot MUST have great food because … well, obviously.
  • Culturally Unique: travelling isn’t just about beach time afterall!
  • Safe: Always important but especially when you plan to be bikini clad most of the time.
  • A Great Spot for Outdoor Activities: Whether you’re a wave catcher or a site see-er, we can all agree that getting your groove on outside is a must.


So with no further ado, here are our Top 5 All Girls Vacation Destinations



Why we loved it here: Cabarete is an incredible little beach town with lots of people from all over the world. Dominican locals, ex-pats and tourists all have fun together. As a group of girls gallivanting around town we met so many people and the female surfer scene is legit. It’s pretty easy to get into the groove here and start to live like a local in Cabarete.

How to get around: The whole town is a 10km stretch, we really liked getting the girls together for beach walks to get sunset cocktails in town. There’s also cheap taxis, public cars and buses for $0.50, or mototaxis for $1.

Where to Dance: Dominicans LOVE dancing, and booty shaking is a cultural norm. We grinded and twerked barefoot in the beach clubs till we were sweaty, then skinny dipped in the ocean and danced some more!

Where to eat: There’s so many restaurants just make sure to eat Dominican food, it’s not exactly the healthiest but you’ve gotta feed the booty.

Cultural Experiences not to miss: Hang out at a Colmado (convenience store) and watch the road listening to bachata with the rest of the neighbourhood.

Outdoor Activity Options: surf, kitesurf, canyoning, river Float, paddle board, mountain biking, and hiking. Cabarete is a watersports paradise.



Why we loved it here: You might think "meh, the USA" but the vibe and culture in Miami is undoubtedly sexy, spicy, and Latino. You can never be too dressed up or too revealing so we sported a bikini almost the entire time. Everywhere you go in Miami you’ll see babes cruising around in designer threads and luxury cars probably just on their way to do groceries. So even just getting dressed with your friends will be an event unto itself.

How to get around: In heels. Uber and lyft are the best option. Renting a car is not a problem but parking is a bitch.

Where to Dance: Most nightclubs in Miami have great dancing, especially after 1:30 am which is when partying really starts. We really liked partying in the Wynwood arts district.

Where to eat: Go to a Cuban Cafeteria. Cuban coffee, toasted Cuban bread with butter, and Cuban pastries are sold at almost every gas station and convenience store. We recommend Enriquetas Cafe, it’s had the same menu and decor for over 30 years and although the whole surrounding neighborhood became hipster, Enriquetas stuck to its roots.

Cultural Experiences not to miss: Bar and gallery hopping in the Wynwood Arts District was the most fun we had on our all girls trip.

Outdoor Activity Options: Miami gets surf sometimes and there is pretty good wind for kiteboarding, lots of paddle boarding and canoeing in the ocean or bays, also boating and glamming it up in your travel bikini and jewelry.


Todos Santos

Why we loved it here: Todos Santos has an authentic Mexican vibe and epic warm water waves. It’s a cute cobblestone town with lots of locals and visiting surfers enjoying the relaxed and low key vibe. While we were here, all the chicas enjoyed the surf, architecture, and food.

How to get around: The best way to get around Todo Santos is with a rental car, so you can cruise between the town center of Todos Santos and surrounding beaches.

Where to Dance: We loved going out for cocktails around dinner time in Todos Santos. The party scene is more likely to be found in neighboring Cabo San Lucas or San Juan del Cabo where all the nightclubs and big surf competitions are held.

Where to eat: Every single roadside taco or ceviche stand will rock your world. Avoid eating at places with menus in English, you’re in Mexico afterall!

Cultural Experiences not to miss: Visit the central plaza where the main church is on a Friday night to see everyone gathering for mass.

Outdoor Activity Options: Todos Santos offers almost every kind of outdoor activity, most of which involve wearing your favorite bikini. You can surf, hike, run, or horseback ride very easily.



With epic natural beauty, a beautiful Hawaiian culture, and many excuses to rock a bikini, the island of Maui made the top of our bucket list for 2018.



Need we say anything other than: The Food! Ok, also the beaches, the people and the architecture are seriously calling us for our 2018 all girls travel goals.



If you have any suggestions for great places to visit with your girls let us know! Our bikinis are dying to visit every corner of the world and kick it with beautiful ladies under the sun.



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