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The Ultimate Guide to Packing for a Summer Europe Trip

Posted on 15 July 2018


Summer Europe trip packing guide

If anyone can advise on how to pack for a summer Europe trip, it's your girls at Bikini Empire. With a love for anything fabulous that is easy to pack and exciting to wear, packing guides are kinda our thang. This summer has been a packing challenge for us, right on the heels of our Palm Springs 1967 photo shoot, we had a two international weddings to attend: one in Malta, and the other in Hawaii. Putting together cute outfits for globe-trotting is something we absolutely adore. Even for the most seasoned fashionistas, it can be challenging to know what to pack when you're going somewhere you've never been. Adjusting your style and level of fabulousness is important, especially for a trip to Europe. After visiting Malta, Spain, Sicily, Amsterdam, and England in the last few years, we've put together our list of rules for packing for a European holiday!

RULE 1: Do pack comfortable footwear.
Most European cities are pedestrian friendly, and you'll want to stroll around eating gelato and checking out the sites. While NY, and Los Angeles really do cater to stilettos, you're better off in comfortable Birkenstocks or flat gladiator sandals while visiting Europe. White sneakers with jean shorts and dresses is a major trend in Italy, and while most Italians are rockin' the designer version, you can get the look with something more budget appropriate.

summer europe trip what to wear

RULE 2: Don't wear anything ratty.
If you have urban inspired street style, slouchy jeans and casual t-shirts, a look that is absolutely appropriate in North America, consider stepping it up a notch in Europe. Crisper cut jeans, dresses during the day and pencil skirts with tank tops seemed to be go-to looks for European babes. Don't be afraid to dress a little bit more fabulous, a little bit more posh. Italian men will never fail to compliment you on your efforts, as they pass you an espresso and exclaim your beauty. 

summer europe trip packing guide bikini empire

RULE 3: Do stick to darker colours, neutrals and red.
We couldn't help but notice what a HOT colour red is in Europe. Red dresses, red heels, red lipstick, every shade from juicy tomato red to deep cherry is the bold colour de jour. Try working it into your colour scheme, and check out our amazing Betty Draper One Piece in Lipstick Red. As always, avoid packing anything white as it is a dirt magnet and will only break your heart. I learned this the hard way on an overnight flight in a clean, crisp white t-shirt, which I thought looked quite fabulous with my high waisted jeans. Two trashy airplane meals later and I looked like a toddler that had thrown a fit at meal time. T-shirt ruined. Lesson learned.

red trend in europe

RULE 4: Do pack the perfect all day purse.
Invest in the perfect fit-everything-for-a-day exploring purse. Something with pockets that zips up, and holds all your necessities plus a bathing suit and sarong in case you happen upon a beautiful beach. Oh, and definitely a reusable water bottle, as everywhere in Europe serves bottled water, an ecological nightmare and absolutely mind boggling considering it is free from the tap...

europe trip what to wear

RULE 5: Don't be afraid to show a little skin.
Summer is hot in most parts of Europe. Italian woman love showing off their curves, as do the Spanish. Don't be afraid of wearing a cute little getup, just avoid super short shorts. They're better off at the beach or in Miami, not exploring ruins and cathedrals. Off the shoulder tops and skirts are a great outfit option that is comfortable and sexy. 

packing for a europe trip

What do you like to pack on your holidays?

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