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Secrets to the Perfect Cup of Coffee from Bikini Empire

Are you one of the 'no coffee, no talkie' people? We are too. A nice cup of java is what gets us out of bed and moving towards our goals in the morning. Without it, we feel slightly useless and way less artistically minded. Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, with virtually every culture and nation having their own expression of this rich and complex drink. 

Unfortunately, coffee in North America leaves more than a little to be desired. Stale beans, watery drip coffee, and the abomination that is decaf mocha iced frappe latte steamers, which some still refer to as coffee but is perhaps better described as ice cream. But just because the status quo for a cup of coffee here is a little lackluster does not mean you can't make the perfect cup of coffee at home. Read on, for our tips.

1) It's all about the beans.

Don't bother with the grocery store garbage. Google search for a local coffee roaster. The good ones will import organic, fair trade green coffee beans and roast them on site. Find out what days they roast, and buy your coffee then. It's about the same amount of difference between a Pillsbury frozen croissant that you press out of a tube, and sitting on a cafe's terraza in Paris and eating a fresh pan au chocolate while listening to acordion music. Don't let your caffeine addiction convince you otherwise.

2) Pick the right roast.

Dark and espresso roasts tend to be more chocolatey and have less caffeine than lighter roasts. Light roast have a more bitter, acidic flavor that seems to be very trendy right now. A good coffee roaster will give you samples of a few so you can take them home and decide, the perfect occasion for cleaning your entire house and organizing your bikinis. 

3) Brew it right.

French press is our favourite way to make a cup of coffee. Grind the beans fresh, and dump them into the bottom of the French press. Add almost boiling water, and using the press, push down the grounds. It is an incredibly flavourful, low tech way to make a perfect cup of java. Coffee machines are a waste of money, and anything with a digital readout will eventually just break causing you to rip your hair out in search of the operating manual that was thrown out months ago. And don't get us started on the Keurig coffee makers....  #wastefulanddisgusting 
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Bikini Empire

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