Retro Baja - About the Collection

Retro Baja - About the Collection

Bikini Empire High cut bikini bottom

Bikini Empire 2017, Retro Baja, is a stunning collection inspired by the barefoot fashionista lifestyle.

peach deep v one piece bathing suit


A Mexican colour palette combined with retro inspired designs and edgy fabrics, this collection embodies the landscape and architecture of the stunning Baja California del Sur. Bridging the gap between swimwear and street wear, our 2017 collection is made with our iconic buttery soft Italian fabric right in the heart of Vancouver.

Bikini Empire Retro Print One piece bathing suit

We chose Todos Santos, a colourful, artistic town as the backdrop for our campaign because of the magnificent untamed terrain, stunning architecture, and relaxed Mexican vibe; a true reflection of Bikini Empire. From the crumbling cannery of Punta Los Lobos to the iconic Hotel California, the landscapes of Todos Santos and the Baja California del Sur are nothing short of breathtaking.

Bikini Empire black and white monokini reversible Italian fabric ethically made in canada


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