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We recently jetted off to Todos Santos to shoot our look book for Spring/Summer 2017 (which is going to blow all of your minds, btw) and we absolutely fell in love with the magical town at the tip of the Baja. The weather was perfect- not too hot, not too cold, and the waves were fantastic. We had two weeks to tromp around, location scout, and take tons of photos. Neither of us are models, but when we are checking locations for the right light we often become the subjects. That way, we know exactly what time to return with models to capture that magic hour. It's a tough job, but someones gotta do it.
Bikini Empire Todos Santos at Sunset
1. The main square in Todos Santos was the place of sunset dreams. Old Ford trucks, dappled light through palm trees, and a pedestrian friendly walk way. Monica hates having her picture taken, but if you can't see her grumbly face and the focus is on the sunset, she gets over it.
Bikini Empire Todos Santos
2. Our trip to the Baja was inspired by the book 'The Teachings of Don Juan' by Carlos Castaneda. Imagine a trippy peyote fueled soul searching book by the infamous Mexican author. Psychedelic imagery aside, we read that book and all we could think about was taking pictures in the desert with a bunch of cacti and earthy coloured sand dunes. Here I am, day one in my fave tropical outfit - a Railroad Top and sarong du jour - testing the light en route to the surf beach, and thrilled to be exploring the Baja!

Bikini Empire Casitas al salitral
3. A wise woman once said our spaces influence us, just as much as we influence our spaces. Growing up as master fort buildings turned natural builders has left us with some pretty strong space biases. We scoured the ol' interweb until we found Casitas el Salitral, and knew that we had to stay there. Round huts with thatched roofs in every colour of the rainbow in the middle of the desert. We snapped a couple photos at the magic hour before heading out for dinner. Voila!

Bikini Empire Las Palmas todos Santos
4. As you can tell, I never know what to do with my hands in photos. Leave that natural elegance to the real models, I prefer to look like a meerkat in every photo. This palmy delight was a beach called San Pedro Las Palmas, a true green oasis in the arid desert landscape. 

Casitas al salitral
5. Luxury is strange idea. What exactly, is luxury? Fancy expensive single use soaps wrapped in paper, and champagne that gives you a headache? Or a hammock in the shade with a distant view of the surf and some cheap Mexican beer? We'd take the second option any day. Our lovely casita was where we recharged, gorged on papaya and took many a siesta. We'd go back in a heart beat.

Bikini Empire Mister Zimi
6. No holiday for us is complete without a little Mister Zimi. Gorgeous vintage inspired pieces from our favourite Australian designer was how we adorned ourselves while heading out for dinner in Todos Santos, and taking a few test shots.

fish tacos todos santos
7. Can you live off fish tacos? We could, easy peasy. There were so many incredible restaurants in Todos Santos and Pescadero, but our favourites were always the taco stands on the side of the road. 

Hotel California todos santos
8. No trip to Todos Santos is complete without a quick snap in front of the Hotel California. They were generous enough to let us do a photo shoot at their private roof top pool, and kept us satiated with strong margaritas throughout the shoot. You'll have to hang tight to see the photos of our 2017 collection till next year, but here's me tossing my mane in front of the main entrance. 

bikini empire todos santos free souls
9. Free Souls is a little slice of heaven in the desert. The owner, Marc, is incredibly kind and his staff is very well trained. They have a stunning rooftop salt water pool where we swam, sipped cold beers and watched the sun go down. BOOM!

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