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Little Black Dress Gala in Vancouver Welcomes Bikini Empire

We are beyond excited to share that this year the Little Black Dress Gala in Vancouver welcomed Bikini Empire to its lineup of designers for the show. It was the...

We are beyond excited to share that this year the Little Black Dress Gala in Vancouver welcomed Bikini Empire to its lineup of designers for the show. It was the perfect occasion to glam it up and strut our bikinis on the catwalk all while supporting an amazing cause.


Little black dress gala vancouver bikini empire


The Little Black Dress Gala is an event focused on raising funds for the Vancouver-based non-profit organization “Help Change My City.” The gala is an opportunity to give back to the Vancouver community by supporting those who make the biggest impact in our city: underprivileged youth and women.


The Little Black Dress Gala 2017 Fairmont Vancouver


The concept of the Little Black Dress Gala is to bring together art, music, dance, education, fashion, and multicultural inclusivity alongside humanitarianism. The whole event was incredible. Imagine a ballet, theatre, live concert, TED Talk, and fashion show all in one.

One of our favourite things about being a part of the gala was how established artists, designers, and performers were showcased next to young local talent in order to give them an opportunity to show their work. We were so stoked to bring Bikini Empire's line of brilliant bikinis to the fashion show and showcase our Spring/Summer 2017 collection with the 2,000 people in attendance. It was humbling and also inspiring to be applauded for our commitment to produce ethically made swimwear straight out of Vancouver.

We also thought it was pretty amazing that in addition to regular sale tickets, guests could also purchase discounted tickets to donate to single mothers and women in shelters. Along with the ticket, these women also receive a little black dress to wear to the gala.


Help Change My City


The Help Change My City Alliance does good all over Vancouver. They pack lunches to give to those in need and write positive messages on the bags. This program is called “Feed the Streets” and events like the Little Black Dress Gala help fund these initiatives. HCMC also helps find employment for indigent youth as well as leading mentorship programs in schools with the hope of giving direction to the kids involved.

“As we are a youth community intentionally designed with mentorship, character development, personal growth, leadership and skills training at its core; we are dedicated to breaking down the negative reputation and stigma that surrounds young people who have had a difficult and troubled past. In turn, we show them that they are valuable, loved, cared for, part of community and have great potential to positively impact their future and the community they live in.”




The Little Black Dress Gala happens twice a year, in the Fall and Spring. We we so happy to be able to support the HCMC Alliance and be a part of such an amazing event for the city of Vancouver. It was fabulous to be surrounded by so many influential business owners, artists, and designers who are socially conscious. 

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