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How to Choose a Bikini for your Body Type

The Bikini Empire collection is designed for badass babes who appreciate luxury fabric, ethical fashion, and looking good. But I mean really good. Sexy-good. So good girls and guys alike...

How to Choose a Bikini for your Body Type and Lifestyle

Bikini Empire How to Choose a bikini for your body type

The Bikini Empire collection is designed for badass babes who appreciate luxury fabric, ethical fashion, and looking good. But I mean really good. Sexy-good. So good girls and guys alike are complimenting your threads. Our timeless Spring/Summer 2017 Retro Baja collection is no exception and on sale now. To help you take advantage of our low prices we’ve broken down our pieces for you based on your body type and lifestyle, with tips based on which  assets you like to show off most.  

A Bikini Empire Piece for your Body Type

Body Types and shapes are a much discussed topic in bikini land. When it comes down to it, the bikini you choose depends on what you feel good in and that’s it. However if you need a little help from a fashionista, we’ll explain the tricks of the trade so you choose the most flattering cuts for your figure.

The Perfect Bikini for Pear Shaped Body Types

Bikini for your body type - pear shaped

Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go ‘round! Your torso or shoulder width is smaller than your hips and bum. That booty of yours calls attention to itself on it’s own which is why we suggest a top that draws the eyes upwards to create balance for your body shape.

The double strapped triangle top has a nice plunging neckline and features a stylish skin window that pops in any color.

For a full coverage option go for the Deep-V one piece. Not only does this highlight your chest but the fit on the bum and hips is flattering for pear-shaped mamacitas.

The Perfect Bikini if you Have a Large Bust

Bikini for your body type - large bust bikini

It's a fact, your girls need a little extra support. Thick straps, underwire, highbacks, and molded cups are the best way to get the breast support you need. Comfort and buttery soft fabric is a must for us so you won’t find any underwire or molded cups in our shop but we still have the right piece for you.

Our Lattice Top is the perfect boulder holder with it’s high back, thick straps, and tight fit similar to a sports top. The lattice works as a cleavage window that is super sexy since it shows just enough skin yet doesn’t throw your chest in everyone’s face.

The Perfect Bikini for a Small Bust

 bikini for your body type- small bust bikini

As a proud member of the itty-bitty titty committee I have to say that some of my favorite bikinis this year were designed for myself. Being small chested means I can wear tiny tops and bold prints without worrying if I’m calling too much attention to my chesticles.

The T-Back Triangle and Deep-V one piece both have low necklines and show quite a bit of side-boob which create the appearance of cleavage.

To bring out your lower body, our boyshort bottoms make a bum look really good and pairs well with the T-back triangle.

The Perfect Bikini for an Athletic Build

 The right fit for your body type -athletic bikinis

Your muscular or straight up and down body needs styles to flaunt your frame and forge the illusion of curves. Athletic build should flaunt tiny bottoms, bold prints, and monokinis to enhance curves and also create more a more feminine look to your beach side vibe.

The Bodysuit has a high cut bottom which will instantly make your hips look wider than  your torso. The neckline is adjustable to suit your style. Also, the shoulder straps highlight your shoulders and show off your back muscles.

Our ultra-feminine high waisted mesh bottoms have a cute tie that can go in the front or back and makes your waist look tiny. The mesh is triangle shaped so it makes your eyes naturally go up and down as they do for curvier bodies.

The Volleyball bottom is our skimpiest bottom this year and it sits higher on the torso than our other bottoms achieving a curvier look for your body.

The Perfect Bikini if You're Curvy

bikini for your body type - curvy body bikini

Whether or not you are trying to exaggerate your natural curves, the key to shopping for a curvy figure is finding a suit with the coverage and support you need.

The retro monokini looks good on just about everyone but seems to be a favorite amongst curvier women. The top is a boxy halter which accentuates the collarbone, said to be the most elegant part of a woman’s body. The bottom cuts perfectly to showcase the curve of the hips, covers the bum almost completely yet shows the sexy under cheek you want to get tanned. Additionally the peak of skin in the upper belly takes shape to your body and makes the waist look even smaller while still covering the tummy so you feel confident and sexy at the same time.

***Make My Butt Look Bigger!

Some of our styles are cut to make bums look rounder and more plump like the Volleyball bottoms, Boyshort bikini bottoms, and the Bodysuit.

***Keep my Cheeks Covered!

If you like a low waisted fit that covers most of the cheek, our Classic cut is perfect for you and on sale in peach old gold and kermit green.

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