Fabulous Isolation

Fabulous Isolation

It is said by the wisest and most experienced of all that when you look good, you feel good. 

Okay we get it, social life is no longer socially acceptable and in some places, illegal. Imagine Cardi B’s voice right now when you read this: "CORONA VIRUS! We gotta stay at home, bitch". So let’s make the most of it and dig into the back of our closets for #fabulousisolation.

To get into the science of the matter, oxytocin is a wonderful calming hormone. We produce it in our hypothalamus and release it while we have sex among other things, but most importantly sex. Oxytocin makes you feel loved, it’s that nice warm feeling when you’re cuddling, it’s what makes you feel bonded. 

Now get this: when we groom, we release oxytocin! Women especially have shown release of oxytocin not only when doing acts of self-love like nail, hair, and skin care, but also after cleaning and organizing. I know it sounds basic af but these are evolutionary traits. Feeling clean, grooming, looking good, a neat environment, it’s going to line things up for your constantly computing mind and make a part of your brain feel like a task is done. 

Let’s connect the dots. We have to stay home, oxytocin makes you feel good, we release oxytocin when we look good sooooo let’s have a fabulous isolation! 

We started a hashtag so you can flex your fun, flirty, freaky, and fresh selves with a community. This isn’t a challenge, but if you do happen to get cute for a grocery run or do something outlandish like plant your petunias in your wedding gown, be sure to tag Bikini Empire and #fabulousisolation. Because remember - fabulous is a state of mind. See below for proof:

fabulous isolation


Discover BE-2020 xoxoxoxo,

Bikini Empire

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