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BE Confident BE Authentic

There is nothing that we love more than getting feedback from our customers that they feel confident and sexy in our bikinis and one pieces. It is our greatest accomplishment...

Fashion is full of unrealistic beauty standards, and marketing designed to make us feel like we're not pretty enough, rich enough, or thin enough. Have you ever looked at a magazine cover, and rolled your eyes? A beautiful woman, who has been photoshopped to look like the wax doll version of herself, free of wrinkles, pores, stray hairs, cellulite or really any indication that you are indeed looking at a human being.... and not a sex doll? We've simply had enough of it, and believe that there is a better way to honour our beauty, and showcase stunning women while adhering to realistic beauty standards.
That's why we're very proud to announce the launch of our BE Confident BE Authentic campaign. Read on to see what this movement is all about and how you can get involved!
A little background on some of the ethos that we hold true to our hearts at Bikini Empire. We work with models that range in sizes from XS to XL as those are the sizes that we offer to our customers. It just makes sense to showcase our products on petite ladies, and voluptuous chicas as that is an accurate representation of women and of our customer base. We never photoshop our model's cellulite, scars, stretch marks or pimples as they are the reality of being human, and they don't make us any less beautiful, appealing, or worthy. Is anyone else tired of seeing photoshopped butts? We are! Perfect beach balls made out of skin that look nothing like the nice booties we see in real life are overplayed and tacky. We know our customers feel the same way, and we encourage all the women we know to love their bodies fearlessly and resist the pressure that we all feel to look a certain way. We feel that the time is now to reclaim the digital landscape to express our natural beauties with pride.
Bikini Empire sustainable swimwearBikini Empire sustainable swimwearBikini Empire BE Beautiful
At Bikini Empire, we strive to align our aesthetic vision, with our foundational beliefs of female independence, strength and vitality. We value stunning photography and the creative process, while still honouring realistic beauty standards and celebrating diverse body types. We design our swimwear to look fantastic on a range of bodies and skin tones. Wearing Bikini Empire is about looking as sexy as you feel. We know this is not too lofty of a goal. Women are gorgeous, fantastic creatures, perfect because of their imperfections, not in spite of them. 

Bikini Empire's BE Confident BE Authentic Campaign

There is nothing that we love more than getting feedback from our customers that they feel confident and sexy in our bikinis and one pieces. It is our greatest accomplishment to see satisfied women, ecstatic with their purchases and ready to hit the beach, vibing with confidence.

During these challenging times, we want your help to spread the positive message of self love, self acceptance, and authenticity to the world.

To showcase some of the incredibly brave, inspiring, and authentic women of Bikini Empire, we are proud to announce the launch of our BE Confident BE Authentic campaign. 

To join this movement simply tag us (@bikiniempire) in a photo or story of you wearing your Bikini Empire bathing suits, and we will send you a discount code for 30% off your next purchase. It's that easy! Feel free to get creative with your posting, you can style your BE suit however you like, and can dress it up or dress it down! 

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