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An Update from the 'Desk" of Bikini Empire

An Update from the 'Desk" of Bikini Empire

Bikini Empire Sustainable swimwear

Due to the current state of affairs around the world, everyone is experiencing some interruption to their normal lives, and are being forced to socially isolate, stay at home, and stay safe.

These are challenging times, and we understand that we are facing an uncertainty about the future that many of us have never experienced before. Businesses are struggling, people are losing their jobs, and we don't know when it's going to end. 

As small business owners, we have felt the effects of the corona crisis, deeply, and immediately. The purchasing power of our consumers has been strongly affected, and most of us are worried about putting food on the table, and paying rent. We truly understand the severity of the situation for our customers.

That being said, during these difficult times, we want to continue to do what we do best, and offer our customers and our fans a little break from the stark reality that is our world right now. We are designers, artists, content creators, and enjoy creating and sharing beauty with the world. 

Since we were kids, Monica and I have been complete and total water babies. Our mum taught us how to swim when we were toddlers, and we never looked back. Our obsession with swimwear, and tropical locales is deep in our blood, and we want to share our passions with the world.

Bikini Empire is our creative outlet, our way to express our love of the female body, in it's truest and most natural form. 

Making it out of this crisis means we all have to stay together, work together and align our goals and visions for the future. Supporting small independent businesses has always been important to us, and we will not allow these challenging times to deter us from our values, and we know our customers feel the same way.

Keeping a lighthearted and positive attitude about the future is vital in these times, which is why we are moving forward, and want to invite all of our Bikini Empire fans to come with us. We knowing "staying home" can be hard, and that's why we want to make it fun and fabulous. Tag us in your posts and stories about your #fabulousisolation - from one-woman dressup parties to over the top baking and other creative outlets, we want to support our community now when we need each other the most.

This spring we have a lot of exciting things in store for you, without giving it all away, we will be launching BE-2020 on Friday April 3rd, with a chance at a sneak peak before that!  Stay tuned to our instagram stories and posts for details! And remember to stay active in your creative endeavours and tag #fabulousisolation

Bikini Empire

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