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About our Models - Part 1

About our Models - Part 1

Bikini Empire made in canada swimwear

Here at Bikini Empire, we pride ourselves on selecting models that fit our brand's vision and integrity. Right since the beginning we have had the pleasure of working with gorgeous, strong, and incredibly fierce women who are living their lives to the fullest. Our customers are often curious about the babes we have chosen to represent out brand, so we thought we'd fill you in a little more on the BE beauties!


one piece bathing suit pink
Jennica is a badass snowboarder and surfer babe we met in Todos Santos. She showed up to the photoshoot with wet hair after getting out of the ocean, and took about 3 minutes to get herself camera ready. This babe has a super cute dog that can RIDE A WAVE WITH HER and has travelled all over the states and Mexico with her furry four legged friend. We also discovered that contrary to popular belief, this model loved to eat and ordered pizza, salad and margaritas to wrap up the photoshoot.
bikini empire canadian made bikinis
We spotted Annabella at a surf competition, she was wearing adorable cut off shorts and a one piece with an ice cream cone on it. We started chatted with Annabella, and learned that despite being a total fox, she had never modelled before. She is a working artist and her murals and paintings can be seen all over Los Cabos. She is also a Mom, raising a cute little boy on her own, and was just the sweetest girl to shoot. Monica and I both speak decent Spanish, and our skills were really put to the test because Annabella didn't speak we got to direct the photoshoot entirely in Spanish, which is always a good crash course for the brain! We also topped off our photoshoot at the hotel California with sugar free margaritas and the best Mexican food you can find - and chips and guacamole. 
Bikini Empire ethically made bikinis Canadian made
Laura was one of those models that we actually chased down the beach and almost tackled to the ground, begging her to model for us. She is so incredibly elegant and intelligent, we knew as soon as we saw her we had to do a shoot! Laura is also an amazing longboard surfer and mom to a cute little boy. Must be something in the water in Mexico - there are supermodel moms running around everywhere! She was a total champ doing a photoshoot on a boat with a creepy captain who was too busy getting drunk and stoned with his friend to pay much attention to the waves. We wrapped up the shoot at sundown and she took us to her favourite micro brewery that overlooked the Los Cabos. 
Meet the models- part two...coming up next!!

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  • I was wondering if you beautiful people. Have concederd having a female model with tattoos.. Just curious. Such beautiful woman and what amazing places there blessed to have there photos taken

    Dominique morrow

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