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Posted on 27 April 2016


There really is nothing that gets our hearts aflutter like hanging furniture. There is something just so Cirque de Soleil about snuggling up in a basket chair, suspended from the ground. Maybe not quite as badass as flying through the air and contorting your body into an array of pretzel shapes, but at least your feet are off the ground. Perhaps it was the years spent in Mexico, sunning ourselves like lizards in hammocks, or the hours since wasted on Pinterest swooning over the *perfect* hanging chair. Whatever the reason, bohemian indoor seating areas complete with funky hammocks and swinging chairs have got their hooks in our heart. Peep these stunning hanging chairs and prepare your drill!!

hanging basket chair a love affair
It's no secret that we LOVE sheepskins. Soft, comfortable and they last FOREVER. This chair could be the epicenter of your empire; we're pretty sure that entire collections of bikinis could have been designed while swinging atop this sheepskin, green tea resting on your perfect cedar stump table. As for where to find one of the beauties, your guess is as good as ours, so hit up your local thrift store and throw your body on top of the first hanging chair you see. It's the competitive thrifters version of licking a cupcake so no one else will eat it. 

Hanging beds a love affair
Why stop at a hanging chair, when you can have a hanging bed? Unfortunately this one comes with Tommy Bahama passed out in a daytime mimosa induced nap. If you have to, squint your eyes and pretend he is a pile of pillows, it will help with visualizing the hanging bed on your porch. Personally, we'd cover it with bright boho pillows and tapestries that would drive our boyfriend crazy by trapping his long limbs in fabrics and squishy surfaces (man traps, if you will. Like fly tape, but for men). Consider it payback for having to pull nails and screws out of the washing machine.

hanging chairs a love affair
Short on space? Don't know how to use a drill? Don't trust yourself to suspend a 200lb hanging bed from a rafter and survive the experience? This little hanging chair made from thick canvas fabric is as cute as button. They went out on a limb and put the sheepskin on the ground, so your toes will never feel the cold ground as your step off your circus-esque suspended bohemian seating arrangement. Perfect for the tiny apartment that is short on space, but big on charm.

hammocks a love affair
Rather spend your time in the great outdoors, or at least on a sick patio? Us too, that's why we're head over heals for the amazing hammock designs from Layback Co. Get your nautical on while adrift on a sweet sail boat lounging in a portable hammock. Just add a tray of oysters and a vodka tonic and you've pretty much won the game of life.
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