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TATTOOS OR THREES - FOUR REASONS WE LOVE INK Here at Bikini Empire, it's no secret that we LoooOoove tattoos. Body art has been a part of many cultures around...


Here at Bikini Empire, it's no secret that we LoooOoove tattoos. Body art has been a part of many cultures around the world, and now it is more popular than ever. Tattoos can range from the most sinfully ugly to strikingly gorgeous and artistic. We know a thing or two about getting inked- half of the Bikini Empire team is au natural, the other half is, well half way to being a painting. We love seeing babes willing to decorate their bodies with outrageous and bold body art. Still to this day, there can be backlash or misunderstanding from people who don't have tattoos, especially older generations. If we had a nickle for every time an older man asked 'why would a pretty girl like you get tattoos?' we'd be rich. But we're not, and those comments, while infuriatingly sexist, really just make us want to get more. Because in case those old codgers didn't get the memo, YOU can do whatever the f*** you want with your body, because it's yours! The year is no longer 1919, so take a peak at some of this gorgeous tattooed eye candy, and get sketching your next design. Or not. It's up to you!

tattoos we love
Crazy sultry wavy hair and chest tattoos? SO COOL! We love this babe's sparrow tattoos, and how they are balanced on her body. This is a perfect example of bold tattoos, that still don't over power. In a different outfit (aka not a plunging neckline onesie) these gorgeous tattoos would peak out just the *tiniest* bit. Perfect for showing the world that while you may be sugar and spice and everything nice, you still appreciate being a bit of a bad ass.

tattoos we love
Porcelain skin, retro makeup and a short bob makes this beauty look like a flapper girl of the 1920s, except covered in stunning all black art. We love the contrast of pale skin and tattoos- if you don't tan easily, why fight it? Embrace your doll-like complexion, there are women who would kill for it!

tattoos we love
Tattooed legs. SWOON! We have seen renditions of tattooed legs like this on plenty of super petite babes, and we adore it. This lady has well balanced art, and we of course love her because of the coffee/leg selfie. With legs like this, it don't matter one little bit if your outfit is simple, you'll always look cool as. The only trouble is waiting for summer to be able to show them off!

tattoos we lovve
It takes a confident and bold chica to go for a full sleeve, especially in all black! This one looks particularly good because this babe is still so feminine. Long, pretty hair and a bad ass sleeve is such a great combination. That might be what we love so much about tattoos- media is constantly perpetuating the idea that we need to be demure, thin and submissive- and covering yourself in sailor-esque body art really flips that idea on it's head. YES you can be feminine, bad ass, outspoken and independent, and YES you can do whatever you want with your body!

xoxox Bikini Empire
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