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Posted on 20 March 2016


What makes a day the most epic day ever? Good company? Great food? How about a secluded beach in the tropics, an empty point break, and the opportunity to surf topless for the first time ever? That was our day today, and tonight we will rest our heads on our pillows knowing that we could die happy. So what made our perfect day, well, so perfect? Peep the video below and follow our recommended recipe:

- 3 girls

- 3 surf boards
- 1 vehicle
- 1 one hour drive
- Coffee
-1 rainy morning, to scare away others from the beach
-1 secluded tropical beach called 'La Preciosa'
-1 empty point break
- Multiple sets of large waves
- Beaming sunshine
+ one opportunity to surf topless for the first time ever
= the most perfect day ever
To increase the perfect day, to the most epic perfect day, add the remaining ingredients:
- 2 large beers
- Plantain chips
- Avocados, cheese, and a loaf of fresh seed bread
- Reggaeton cds
During our first topless surf, the ocean gods rewarded us. As soon as the tops came off, big, perfect, peeling waves came thundering towards us, and we all caught a HUGE set wave. The ocean gods love us, and want us to be free. As much as we love bikinis, it just doesn't seem fair that choosing to go topless is still such a big deal in the 21st century.
surfer girl underwater
There are obvious logistical reasons for wearing a top while surfing- chafed nipples are something no woman should ever experience - but isn't it just a little sad that we don't even have that choice? The hyper-sexualization of the female form means that what is ok for men (going outside, swimming or surfing without a shirt on) is totally acceptable, but for women it is not. This is not fair. We say #freethenipple... If you want :)
xoxxo Bikini Empire

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