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HOW TO FEEL CONFIDENT IN A BIKINI People ask us all the time: What is your secret to feeling confident in a bikini? We have a few tricks up our...


People ask us all the time: What is your secret to feeling confident in a bikini? We have a few tricks up our sleeve to make sure that every single time we hit the beach, we feel like a million bucks. Now don't get us wrong- in a world inundated with unrealistic beauty standards, it takes even the most gorgeous girls a bit of self love and pep talks to feel like a goddess every day. So what are our recommendations for feeling like a bohemian princess/mermaid goddess/sunny surfista on the beach? Read on!

One piece mOnOkini dress fOr yOur bOdy type

Tip 1: Learn How to Dress for your Body Type on the Beach:

We all have body parts that look good no matter what. Beach style is the same as street style- figure out how to show off those gorgeous long legs or bodacious curves in the most flattering cut bikini and you will feel amazing on the beach. We often see women trying to wear swimwear trends that don't suit their body- if high waisted bottoms do nothing for your shape, it doesn't matter that they are in style, do NOT wear them. Same thing goes for skimpy triangle tops. Bustier girls may feel uncomfortable in tiny tops, fearing the dreaded nip slip at all times. Wear a top that supports your chest regardless of what is in style. In general, if you want to draw attention away from a certain area, don't cover it in weird skirted layers, but choose a simple, solid color. If you want to accentuate your waist, go for low rise bottoms that show off your tiny tummy. Got a JLo like booty? Well personally we think they are amazing, so wear a tiny pair of Brazil bikini bottoms to really shop it off!

feel cOnfident in a bikini

Tip 2: Avoid, at all Costs, Comparisons to Others:

There is nothing more damaging to our self confidence than comparing ourselves to others. Focus on the following things, and we promise, you will feel more confident in a bikini!

a) Radical self acceptance and love. Stop talking about what is wrong with your body. If the conversation turns that way with female friends, put a stop to it. Instead, try talking about what you love about your body and what it can do! 

b) Be the best version of YOU! Not everyone is going to look like Gisele Bundchen. Heck, she probably doesn't even look like Gisele Bundchen once you take away all the makeup and photoshop. We all know deep down inside what is right and wrong for US. Focus on that. Eat healthy and exercise because you love your body, not because you want to love your body. There is a difference!

rihanna hOw tO feel gOOd in a bikini

c) Be fearless! Want a lesson in fearless beach style? Check out Rihanna. She is obviously super stunning, and even when she is a little thicker, she still flaunts what her mama gave her. We love this babe, like seriously, can we be friends? Lipstick and jewelry on the beach? Visors? Amazing body chains? OMG, she could not be more fab!

Thanks for reading our guide to feeling confident on the beach!

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