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Posted on 01 January 2016


You know what we love? Badass babes. That’s right. We love strong, independent ladies who live their life to the absolute fullest, and are unafraid of doing what works for them. We have had the pleasure of working with some incredible women over the past year, and to each and every badass chica out there: we admire and salute you!

underwater skate bikini empire pam diaz

Follow your passion!

The year 2015 is coming to a close, and with the ending of this year, there are all sorts of things we want to leave firmly in the past. But, never ones to dwell on the past, we decided that it was time to write the Badass Babes Manifesto. Want to know how to unleash your inner badass babe? Read on to find out how…

woman surfing bikini empire

Be fearless.

1.) Don’t take shit from anyone. Unless it’s constructive shit. 

Badass babes take friends and loved ones advice when it makes sense for them. You don’t need to listen to your great Aunt Helga tell you that tattoos are trashy, you can make up your own mind about what works for YOU. We have noticed that badass babes don’t let other people’s ‘advice’ get them down. It is more a reflection of who they are, than who you are. This goes for best friends, family, even parents. If Aunty Helga has some great advice on how to get surf wax out of your favourite bikini, of course, listen to her advice.

female body builder bikini empire

Do what works for you.

2.) Celebrate your unique beauty, and for gods sake stop considering your body a ‘project to be worked on.’

Working out and being a fit, healthy, superwoman badass babe is awesome. Doing it because you think you’re a hideous ditch pig, is not awesome. All of us have features that are stunning beyond belief. Embrace the shit out of them, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. It is not vain, or arrogant to know at the core of your being that you are a mermaid goddess from another galaxy. It’s a fact. And definitely stop telling people about your ‘problem areas’ or ‘flaws.’ Drawing attention to perceived flaws only makes them real in your mind and in the mind of your audience. Plus, it’s so basic, and basic bitches are the antithesis to badass babes.

mandy gill bikini empire

Celebrate your body.

3.) Don’t worry about bruising egos.

There is nothing more delicate than a man’s ego, and for some reason women, even us badass babes are too worried about bruising them. This is NOT free reign to be rude, or condescending, but ladies, it is time that we actually start saying what we think! If you’re not interested in someone, don’t make up an excuse about having a boyfriend if you don’t, or leaving your oven on at home. Say “no thank you, I’m not interested.” Same thing goes for professional relationships. We have all been undervalued or ignored because there is a strange assumption that young, attractive women couldn’t possibly be smart and driven as well. So when you notice this happening, call the fucker out, and don’t let them get away with it!

Khaleesi - jessica luxe - bikini empire

Be bold.

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